OTM are fully committed to completing the task correctly the first time. Our goal is excellence in project delivery and satisfying our customers' expectations when it comes to quality, performance and value.


We undertake to provide resources and management support to achieve this goal.


In particular, we have established an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management program which we undertake to maintain, review and continuously improve.

The program stipulates that we:

  • understand customer requirements
  • ensure that all personnel are competent and qualified to undertake assigned tasks
  • provide adequate information, training and supervision to all employees, contractors and suppliers
  • plan project delivery processes to minimise risk and realise budget and schedule objectives
  • take timely action to prevent occurrence or recurrence of non-conformity


Download our Quality Policy Statement

Work Health and Safety

The Directors of OTM Civil Construction Pty Ltd recognise the vital importance of providing all employees, contractors and suppliers with a safe and healthy workplace.


Our goal is to prevent all work-related injuries and illnesses and to promote a progressive culture of working safely.


We will seek to achieve this by:

  • identifying and then eliminating or reducing the risks of all types of work activities that have the potential to produce personal injury or illness on owned or occupied work sites
  • providing instruction, training and supervision to improve employees' understanding of workplace hazards, including safe work practices and emergency procedures
  • involving employees and other parties in work health and safety matters by consulting on best practices to recognise, evaluate and control workplace hazards
  • ensuring that all staff, contractors, suppliers and site visitors comply with the appropriate Laws, Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice - as well as company policies and procedures - to protect their own and other's health and safety in the workplace
  • providing adequate systems and resources to effectively manage rehabilitation and return-to-work processes


Our Work Health & Safety commitment goes beyond mere legislative compliance and we are constantly striving to instill and uphold in all our people a strong culture of working safely. We have implemented ISO 45001 certified systems and structure to help ensure that every work day is a safe work day.


All employees are expected to:

  • take care of their safety as well as that of others
  • follow all company safety requirements and procedures
  • actively participate in safety improvement programs and activities
  • maintain a safe, well organised, clean and orderly work site and area
  • report all injuries and safety incidents promptly and in the correct manner


Download our Work Health & Safety Policy


OTM is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring minimal environmental impact wherever applicable.


Our Environmental Management Systems are ISO 14001:2015 compliant.


We are committed to working towards an efficient and sustainable use of resources and will provide management support to achieve these aims by:

  • complying with legal and other requirements including environmental legislation, regulations, construction industry codes of practice and project-specific requirements
  • consultation and communication with all stakeholders, including employees, contractors, suppliers, landowners, residents and clients on all environmental issues
  • building and encouraging a culture of environmental care among our employees and contractors
  • minimising the impact of our activities on the environment
  • identifying environmental concerns ans sensitivities
  • responding to actual or potential impacts in a timely, responsible and efficient manner


Download our Environmental Policy Statement

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